Why License A Womsga Franchise

As a Womsga franchise License owner, you’ll leverage a profitable, revolutionary business model providing a business ownership experience like no other.


Customers Support

Your womsga franchise comes with support for your customers. We will handle all of your inbound calls, and even make outbound calls to attract new business leads for your business.


Business Support

Your womsga franchise business comes with ongoing support for your business. We will be with you every step of the way. Whatever questions you may have, we're here to answer them for you.


Fully Operated

Your womsga business comes already open for business with sales, and tech support, and existing customers and members. There's nothing required of you to do except sit back, and watch your profits increase.

This Is Not An MLM, or Pyramid Scheme

Our franchise Licensing opportunity is not a scam, gimmick, or scheme. It’s a legitimate way to make an honest  living.  Our license gives you the legal right to re-sell our directory’s digital services.  The license also gives you exclusive rights to  keep 100% of the  profits you  earn. It’s an unbelievable opportunity that no other company offers.

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No Complicated, Tricky, or Shady Compensation Plan

Our business model is simple. There’s no reason to make it complicated. Our business model speaks for itself.  You literally, and legitimately Keep 100% of your profits.

We do business how business should be done! Still Skeptical?

How does Franchise Licensing work

It's as simple as this! Choose a franchise investment plan that most interest you, and earn 100% profits from the sell of our company's products, and services by use of a license. Promote your new business, and generate new leads by following our franchise guideline. Share your franchise link with friends, family, and potential prospects via email, text, or across social media. Sit back, and watch your profits roll in, and that's literally it!

  • Reliable and secure platform
  • Everything is already perfectly organized for you
  • Attract already existing customers
  • Advertising, and marketing included
  • Assigned a staff to run your business
  • No interest imposed, or penalties
  • No risks, or obligations to you

Great support. We'll help you!

Our business support specialists won’t leave you alone

You will receive our total support throughout the entire start-up process of operating your business. Everything you need, we will be right here to provide to you at no additional costs.

Customer Support

Our customer service representatives will handle all of your inbound sales calls, and provide your customers with the support they need.

Business Support

Business account specialists are available whenever you need them to handle any concerns, or questions you may have, and even assist in providing helpful tips to help your business grow.

Business Management

We provide representatives with qualifying expertise to act as your virtual general, and assistant manager to your business. These professionals will handle all your business managerial needs.

Marketing Support

Our marketing department will take on the responsibilities of advertising, marketing, and promoting your business so that you don't have to.

Resource Guide

We publish articles, and provide resources to our franchise community. We also provide conference calls, live chat, and youtube videos.


Womsga Virtual Franchise Is A Revolutionary Franchise Opportunity Best Known For Our Unique Approach To Keep Costs Low For Customers And Franchisees Alike.

Plans and Pricing

Turnkey Profitable. No Financial Risks. No Obligations.

If You’re Thinking About Licensing  A Womsga Franchise, We Know That You Are Serious About Making Some Real Money.

We’re passionate about our services, and truly believe that our franchise stands out from the competition. Here, we’ll give you a few important points to consider that demonstrate why a Womsga Virtual franchise is the right investment for you. We're simply the best!


Not all franchises prioritize customer service first. In their enthusiasm to simply attract customers, they often times fail to focus on simply providing great service. Womsga business directory stands out because we’re an all-in-one directory that offers free advertising, marketing, and promotions to our businesses and maintain  a strong customer experience. We want to make it as affordable and reliable as possible for businesses to list in our directory, and depend on us to get their business found, and to get the word out about their business.

Our low-cost monthly, and yearly membership plans makes it affordable for small businesses to join our directory, and take advantage of the services we provide that their business needs. Our members get ongoing support, and can create support tickets 24 hours a day whenever they have a question. Live Chat is also available during scheduled hours to meet the specific needs of our members. Our Customer Support Teams are “always available”. It’s easy for our staff to communicate comprehensive insights to members of the community for businesses that need a bit more attention than a simple Q&A session.

Our automated email responders, and chat support makes it simple to schedule  appointments at the member’s convenience. Services like these help Womsga to stand out from our competition in the business listings industry.


“Owners are not required to have industry experience, so I was able to jump in immediately, start my business, and start profiting.” Patricia Byrd, Atlanta Optical Specialist


We want to make it simple for entrepreneurs to the directory listings industry to go into business for themselves with a Womsga directory franchise. While not all franchises show the same level of support for their franchisees, we are dedicated to helping them through the process every step of the way. Whether it’s …

  • Learning how to write eye catching blog articles
  • Finding the right leads to convert into paying members
  • Mastering the principles of successful outbound sales calls
  • Implementing a targeted marketing campaign

We’ll be there to show you the ropes of running your own virtual Womsga directory franchise. As you can see, a lack of experience in the industry isn’t a deterrent to Womsga franchisees thanks to our expertise in the business.

The biggest differentiator between a Womsga franchise and other franchises is that we’re the only search directory offering a franchise opportunity. We’re also committed to utilizing cutting-edge technology to our advantage in every area of our industry.

  • We keep costs low for members and franchisees alike by keeping our website, and business structure simple. We utilize cost-effective tools, and resources with the most impact to ensure we provide quality service at an affordable price.
  • We further cut costs by minimizing and simplifying administrative tasks, reducing our expenses required to keep our directory operating
  • We’ve cultivated strong relationships with related partners and industries over the years that allow us exclusive access to discounts not enjoyed by our competition.

“MyWomsgaFranchise makes it easy to own a franchise and still operate my local small business”. Kelly Polas, Beauty Supply-Owner  


Our directory is the only directory that’s fully loaded with all the features, and functionality of our competitors. We’re the only all-in-one search directory. With all the benefits of our competitors directories, our all-in-one solution is what makes us one of the most revolutionary directories of all directories.


Investing in a Womsga Virtual Franchise is an amazing opportunity. It is unique, and it comes at “No Obligations” to you. Our company take on the full operations, and responsibilities of running the business. You don’t have to do anything except get local small businesses to join at any membership level, and collect on your profits. Read More

Womsga makes it easy to invest in Franchising!

Join thousands of entrepreneurs investing in a Womsga Virtual Franchise

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    Join thousands of people building wealth with our franchise!

    Turnkey Profitable, No risks & No Obligations!

    This is NOT a Gimmick! This is a REAL legitimate opportunity to make the money you put in the work for. Stop selling MLM products, and getting nothing in return. If you’re putting in the work, you deserve the full payout. Browse our website, compare our model, and find out why investors are raving about our franchise. Investing in anything on the market right now doesn’t get any better than this! Smart people invest in a Womsga Virtual Franchise. Our business model speaks for itself!

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